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Below is a list of our wide range of accountancy services. If you need more information or would like a service that isn't listed, please contact us and we can advise you further.

Business Advice

If you are beginning in business or have a startup company we can help. We can give you the financial advice you need to ensure you are meeting your tax obligations and the tax inspector will be happy with your books. But it isn't just about tax, we can help in other things too, such as helping you to prepare a business plan if you are looking for a loan or enterprise allowance for young people to start a business. Come and have an informal chat and find out what…..

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To help serve you better, our accountancy services are available either through Gant Accountancy Services which is a non-limited company and generally works with smaller companies such as sole-traders, and Gant & Co which is a limited company and works with limited companies and other larger enterprises. If your annual taxable sales are under £82,000 you are not required to register for VAT, however you can choose to do so if you wish. Many of our Gant Accountancy Services companies have taxable sales under £82,000, and in many cases it…..

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Personal Tax Returns

Are you self-employed, work as part of the CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) or even just own a property that you rent out? You may have to fill in a Personal Tax return form - and if you are not doing it would probably be in your best interests to do so. If you are a sole trader and have started your own business it is necessary to register with HMRC, this is something we can help you with, and if you employ us to help with your Personal Tax Return…..

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Payroll Bureau Services

If you have an accountant working full time for your company, are you really getting the best use out of them? Are they actually working solidly for a full month? If not you might want to consider using the Gant & Co Payroll Bureau Services. This allows us to handle all aspects of your company payroll for you: payslips, taxation, corporation tax and all the other things your full time accountant would do, except with us we only charge for the time spent working for you, so you may find…..

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Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping is the recording of all financial transactions undertaken by an individual or business. As an owner of a business your books and financial statements represent a score sheet which tells you how you are progressing as well as being an early warning system which lets you know when and why the business may be going wrong or regressing. One of the greatest mistakes made by owners of small businesses is not keeping good financial records and thus making inappropriate business decisions based on inadequate or incorrect information. Whether starting…..

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Budgeting and Forecasting

Budgeting works by monitoring each type of expense incurred by the business - and it can benefit sole-traders as much as anyone else. Budgeting will show how much you are spending on fuel, food, having your car serviced, wages, any type of expense. By reviewing how much you are spending in each area you can make intelligent decisions regarding whether the amount you are spending makes sense. We can also advise possible savings - for example if you are spending a lot on fuel, consider purchasing a more fuel-efficient car.…..

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Limited Companies

If you make the decision to register your company as a limited company, or if you have to register due to the work that you do, we can help. If you are doing business with us, we will register your business as a limited company for free. When you start a new business it is common for the company to not make much due to overheads, and the tax people understand that provided you have the financial records to show it - and as your accountant we can help with…..

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Business Plans

If you need a startup loan to start your business you will need a business plan, and we can help. A business plan needs to demonstrate that your business will be successful. The sort of things you will need to include are: am I competent in the area of business? What equipment do I need and how much will it cost to buy? Is the business area lucrative - is it going to make me money? Is the geographical location right? You will need to show what you intend to…..

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Management Accounts

It is easy when running a business to have a mistaken idea of how the business is doing. Getting a big contract might make you think things are going well and you can go and buy a new car, or sending out a lot of invoices might make you think you can buy an expensive holiday. But Management Accounts will show you the reality of how your business is doing. It covers forecasting, budgeting and managing your money. Your management accountant can tell you how much you can expect to…..

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Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting allows you to keep track of different expenses and different sources of income. It does this by assigning different financial codes to each area you want to track. So for expenses there might be different codes for fuel, lunch, heating, office rent and so on, and therefore your accountant can advise how much is being spent in each area. For revenue there might be different codes for income from your website, income from your shop, income from goods, income from services and so on, and again, we can…..

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Gant Accountancy Services

Gant accountancy works in all aspects of Accounting and Taxation for business in Ipswich, Suffolk. Our client portfolio is extensive and varied on Small and Medium Enterprises (SME).


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