If you make the decision to register your company as a limited company, or if you have to register due to the work that you do, we can help.

If you are doing business with us, we will register your business as a limited company for free.

When you start a new business it is common for the company to not make much due to overheads, and the tax people understand that provided you have the financial records to show it – and as your accountant we can help with this. We will ensure you only pay a fair amount of corporation tax relative to how well the business is doing. If you just try to avoid paying any tax you will get problems and will be penalised when the tax inspector catches up with you, so it is always best to have your financial accounts in order.

There is also another reason for keeping good financial records as a limited company and that is if you want to buy a house or take out a personal loan. The bank will want to see payslips if you are self-employed, if you don’t have your books in order your loan could be refused, and you may have to wait a year before they will consider you again, so it is always best to keep your books in order when you start a new business.