If you have an accountant working full time for your company, are you really getting the best use out of them? Are they actually working solidly for a full month?

If not you might want to consider using the Gant & Co Payroll Bureau Services. This allows us to handle all aspects of your company payroll for you: payslips, taxation, corporation tax and all the other things your full time accountant would do, except with us we only charge for the time spent working for you, so you may find you make a substantial savings.

Often this works by having a bookkeeper on your administration team to simply send us the financial details for the month and we will handle the rest – although if necessary we can also provide bookkeeping services for you if required.

Because we do the books of many companies we are also in a position to advise you on whether some of your costs may be too high. For example you may be paying too much for someone with a certain skill, we can then advise that you are paying much higher than the going rate for such a position.

So there are many reasons why you should consider using Gant & Co Payroll Bureau Services.