To help serve you better, our accountancy services are available either through Gant Accountancy Services which is a non-limited company and generally works with smaller companies such as sole-traders, and Gant & Co which is a limited company and works with limited companies and other larger enterprises.

If your annual taxable sales are under £82,000 you are not required to register for VAT, however you can choose to do so if you wish. Many of our Gant Accountancy Services companies have taxable sales under £82,000, and in many cases it makes sense for them not to register, however this is not always true.

If your business charges VAT on its goods and services, then being registered for VAT can make sense as it allows you to reclaim VAT. If you are a contractor working for a company that charges VAT that company will pass on the VAT cost to the contractor, so it can make sense for them to register. We can advise on whether it would be financially beneficial for you to register for VAT if your annual sales are under £82,000.

For labourers and those starting out, they would generally not be advised to register for VAT, but some like electrical contractors we often do advise to register.

If you do wish to register for VAT we can help you to do so.

If your business has annual sales of over £82,000 you are required to register for VAT. We can help you with all aspects of VAT and make sure you claim back all the VAT you have been charged.